Dublin’s iconic Bewley’s Cafe on Grafton Street has reopened to offer seating for 500 as part of a new interior which has been described as ‘the same but different.’ The Cafe refurbishment features Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceilings throughout to create a comfortable acoustic environment and meet the aesthetic demands of this historic venue.

The original 1920’s interior features mahogany panelling, hand-printed wallpaper and mosaic floors that could generate distracting background noise, particularly when the café is busy.

The new Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceiling was installed by Reilly Ceiling & Drywall. It provides a seamless ceiling with Class A sound absorption, previously thought only possible with modular suspended ceilings. To create a continuous appearance the ceiling panels are installed and then finished with a technologically advanced acoustic render to create an elegant monolithic surface. The product offers complete flexibility and design freedom. It can fit around curved and angled edges, making it ideal for retrofit projects.

Brendan Duffy, from Gilligan architects, said: “The introduction of Rockfon acoustic ceilings throughout, direct fixed to the plasterboard ceilings minimised the visual impact on the building fabric, particularly the ceiling covings, allowing these to be expressed. In addition, the spray applied finish to the Rockfon panels provides a seamless ceiling in keeping with the original plasterboard ceilings and concealing the use of a modern acoustic treatment.”


Andrew Griffin, Bewley’s Grafton Street Assistant General Manager noticed a big improvement in the noise level straight away. “Before the new ceiling, the noise levels could get very high, making it difficult to hear what customers were saying. Now the feel of the café has changed; it is much calmer and more relaxed.”

The ceiling offers Class A2 fire protection and dimensional stability at up to 100% relative humidity, and allows for easy incorporation of lighting, air conditioning and ventilation systems.