The Lantern is the result of a wholesale redevelopment and reimagining of a large eight story building in Euston, Central London. Developer owners Lazari Investments have worked with Marks Barfield Architects to create a stunning scheme which successfully meets the current desire for built inner city environments to offer contemporary and elegant work space alongside areas designed for leisure, relaxation and retail therapy.

Rockfon were very pleased to be specified for the project which offers 23,000m2 of mixed-use space including offices, café’s, shops and apartments. In addition there are large terraces and gardens on almost every level.

The elegant solution to unwanted noise

Around 850m2 of unique Rockfon Mono Acoustic has been installed throughout communal areas, lobbies, thoroughfares and café’s throughout the building to deliver elegant sound control where the use of reverberant materials such as glass, stone, concrete and steel, added to high foot-fall would result in unwanted noise.

8build were principle contractors for the scheme with Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics being responsible for the installation of Mono Acoustic systems. David Booth of the specialist firm spoke about the project, “We are proud of the work we’ve carried out at The Lantern, which presented a number of challenges associated with the myriad of services and fittings which go to make-up sophisticated contemporary mixed-use architecture.

“The grid work and Mono Acoustic were installed to a wide variety of abutments in spaces throughout the building including within the large atrium, working around the many finishes and fire curtains to the front face of the lobby and glazed screens to either end. Fitting the ceiling to accommodate a stunning feature Italian light fitting suspended from 130 rods fixed to the structural slab called for exacting tolerances and really demonstrated the system’s versatility.”

Seamless performance

Mono is a ground-breaking product which combines a seamless ceiling with high performance characteristics. Ceiling tiles are installed and completed with acoustic render creating a smooth, monolithic surface which not only offers high sound absorption but also provides high light reflection and light diffusion, reducing the need for artificial light.

The system allows for incorporation of lighting, audio and other mechanical systems whilst delivering Class A2 fire protection. It also offers dimensionally stability at up to 100% relative humidity and can be installed in temperatures ranging from 0˚C to 40˚C.

Fully recyclable, all Rockfon ranges are made from a core of naturally occurring, non-hygroscopic and non-combustible stone wool. Their surfaces provide no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms, embody high humidity resistance and are impervious to most environmental pressures.

 With blue chip corporates including Fujitsu, Siemens and Bauer Media occupying space within the development, attention to detail was vital in helping create the perfect setting, which is known to aid productivity while contributing to employee wellbeing and retention. Acoustic control is also vital within places where people dine, with research showing customers are less likely to return to noisy restaurants.

Commitment to wellbeing

Rockfon Specification Manager Alan Davies talks about the brand’s commitment to the sound control and wellbeing, “We are proud to be among a growing number of manufacturers to have its products assessed by Quiet Mark – the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation. Its international award programme recognises excellence in low-noise products, technology and solutions to unwanted noise – visit