The new Deep End Activity Centre at Rawlins Academy College, in Leicestershire, has used Rockfon acoustic wall absorbers and ceiling islands to control acoustics at a former swimming pool converted into a multi-use fitness studio and activity space.

The centre has hard and highly reverberant surfaces, and to help create a healthy acoustic environment in which speech can be heard, Rockfon acoustic wall absorbers and ceiling islands have been installed throughout.

Rockfon Eclipse suspended ceiling islands, hung from wires to give a floating appearance, are made of 40mm stone wool. They offer the highest performance in sound absorption as both sides absorb sound and contribute to reducing reverberation time.

Mobile room partitioning means the multi-functional centre can be divided into two areas, creating more acoustic control challenges. Rockfon VertiQ A wall panels with Class A sound absorption have been fitted to limit the transference of unwanted sound between the areas. The 40mm panels have a woven surface that can withstand occasional impact from ball games, making them a practical option for high activity areas.