After years of research and testing, Rockfon has developed its smoothest, whitest ceiling tile ever: Rockfon Blanka.

Architects have long desired a perfectly white ceiling, something that has previously been difficult to achieve without sacrificing other crucial properties.

To create this incredibly durable, whiter-than-white matt ceiling tile, Rockfon applied a specialist coating sourced from the US space industry to a high-performance stone wool core. This coating has outstanding light reflection and light diffusion properties to maximise the uniform spread of natural light and create a smooth surface that allows for easy installation, because the tiles are patternless and can be installed in any direction. The coating also has anti-static properties making it resistant to site dust and easy to wipe clean.

Rockfon Blanka tiles are produced from up to 42 per cent recycled materials, are fully recyclable and come with a 15-year warranty. The Rockfon Blanka range is available in ceiling tiles and complementary wall panels in a variety of sizes and edge details.

Rockfon’s managing director, Anders Juhl Thomsen, explained: “Choosing a ceiling shouldn’t be a trade-off between properties, so we decided to create a ceiling that delivers it all in one tile.”