Social housing provider, RCT Homes, has carried out a range of improvements on 30 Cornish Units in Cwmbach, Wales, including the installation of Rockwoll stone wool insulation.

The RCT Homes concept focussed on upgrading the building fabric in terms of design, aesthetics and technical performance, greatly improving the living environment and the health and welfare of the occupants. The housing provider worked directly with Hirwaun-based building contractor, Thomas Holdings.

Rockwool devised a tailored, envelope refurbishment solution, featuring its REDArt External Wall Insulation System (EWI) combined with the use of ROCKWOOL FLEXI insulation which is proving very successful.

The REDArt Silicone external wall insulation system used for the ground floor of the Cornish Units on this scheme achieves a U-value of 0.26 W/m3K, as well as an attractive exterior appearance.

For the first floor, the existing tiles were removed to allow for the application of 50mm thick ROCKWOOL FLEXI. This multi-use, dual purpose thermal and acoustic insulation solution was fitted between the timber rafters and frame of the Mansard roof, allowing for a 25mm gap at high level and a 50mm gap at low level for ventilation.

A new breather membrane has been applied to the rafters, with battens refitted and new tiles installed. ROCKWOOL has also supplied insulated soffit and fascia boards to limit the cold bridge at the ridge beam which separates the first floor external wall from the Mansard roof.

ROCKWOOL Technical Support was on hand throughout the project to provide guidance and advice, checking work and regularly training contracting staff to ensure the REDArt external wall insulation and ROCKWOOL FLEXI were applied correctly, both from a technical and aesthetic perspective.