Saint-Gobain Weber has introduced a new RIBA certified continuous professional development (CPD) presentation, ‘Introduction into flowing floor screeds’, covering industrial, commercial, retail and design floor applications.

The 30-minute flooring CPD identifies the characteristics of the screeds and how their individual properties can meet the performance criteria of specific areas. It also addresses why and where to use different screeds taking into consideration consistency, strength, speed of application and drying time.

A technical section on how Saint-Gobain Weber’s flooring screeds meet the latest Part L and Part E requirements of current Building Regulations, and consideration to health, safety and sustainability in the reduction of waste, harmful emissions, and recycling are also covered in detail.

The flooring CPD is presented by Saint-Gobain Weber’s sales team either on site or at the clients’ offices for individuals and small groups.  The service is free and available on request. For more information visit