As part of its mission and vision to put sustainability at the centre of the business, SAS International is now Cradle to Cradle certified Bronze Level to Version 4.0. This accreditation provides SAS with the perfect framework to be more transparent and show leadership as they start their sustainability journey.

Gert van Doormalen, Chief Executive Officer SAS International said: “It is just fantastic that we have achieved this Cradle to Cradle certification to Bronze level and Version 4.0 which means that we are a leading manufacturer of the ceiling industry on a global scale. One of the things that strikes me about the certification is that it’s fully aligned with our company values, where we talk about transparency, expertise and sustainability, which are at the core of our business, for me those values go hand in hand with well-being.”

SAS International is the first business globally to be awarded the full Cradle to Cradle certified Version 4 certificate covering its whole Bridgend facility and at least 75% of the products it sells. This is unique because very few applicants apply Cradle to Cradle certified principles to their entire manufacturing process as well as their products.

To download the SAS Material Health and company certificates, visit Cradle to Cradle Certified.