SAS Europe has introduced ProRend Self-Clean Masonry paint (ProRend SCM) that utilises ultrahydrophobicity-  a phenomenon first discovered in the 1960s when the self-cleaning properties of certain plants and insects were studied.

The paint finish is water repellent, so water beads on the surface. When it rains, the drops roll over the surface, collecting up the dirt. Then it simply rolls down to the ground with the water, leaving the surface clean. If used in a covered or sheltered spot, a hosepipe will quickly clean off debris, with no need for power-washing.

ProRend Self-Clean Masonry Paint is available in a wide range of colours including RAL and NCS. Eat has a low maintenance finish that also comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The paint can be applied in the same way as standard coatings, to exterior rendering, rough cast brick or concrete, it is silicone-based, touch dry in one hour and can be applied by brush or roller.