Sektor, the interiors solutions brand, has undergone a transformation and updated its three central partitioning systems following detailed customer feedback and product development. 

The new Sektor 30, Sektor 90, and Sektor 115 systems significantly improve installation times through a reduced number of components and the addition of clever design features.

For instance, the Sektor 30 system has a new glazing channel gasket. Fitted within the framework, it reduces the risk of shrinkage and movement that’s more common with an old wedge gasket.

The Sektor 90 and 115 systems feature a new skirting design that’s easily fixed using a clip, whilst the entire range has been improved through a series of cleats that guarantee a secure fix of the aluminium profiles.

The addition of the frameless Sektor 115, a full 100mm premium system, has been developed to offer optimum performance and style without compromising on design flexibility. With a focus on privacy, which still lets light flood in, the system can reach up to 54dB.

The Sektor 90 system has optimum acoustics performance up to 50dB. This, accompanied by both systems ability to transition from solid to glazed thanks to innovation in the gasket used, provides a seamless and impressive aesthetic to give a high-end and professional look.

Steve Crompton, Sektor Sales Director, said: “Since launching in 2013, we’ve worked closely with customers to listen and learn about what new products and solutions are valuable to them. We know that speed and ease of installation, as well as fantastic choice of designs, performance and applications is crucial, so a lot of time and investment has gone into revising our partitioning systems in-line with this feedback.

“The design changes and the expanded options in the Sektor partitioning range, supported by the many other glazing, storage and ceiling products we’ve added as the brand has evolved, means we can not only meet any interior project requirement but provide a full package of solutions from one reliable source.”

The new Sektor 30, Sektor 90, and Sektor 115 partitioning systems are now available exclusively at CCF.  The complete Sektor range is also included in the newly launched and refreshed Sektor Product Range Guide, which is available online and from CCF branches nationwide.