Selectaglaze has provided additional, unseen, security at Banqueting House, in Whitehall, London, with secondary glazing treatment.

The addition of secondary glazing to a building generates a second barrier of protection from the inside that can prevent the most determined thief or protect the occupants from the effects of bomb blast.

At Banqueting House, Selectaglaze blast units now provide ample levels of security to protect the Rubens ceiling painting – the only surviving in-situ ceiling painting series by Sir Peter Paul Rubens – in addition to protecting historic architectural features and those who visit/use the Royal Palace.

The Selectaglaze design replaced the blast net curtains as well as providing a significant level of noise insulation. Testing was carried out for what turned out to be the largest ever single casement to be blast tested in the UK. This was for the Main Hall window openings, which are 3.6m high and 2.0m wide.