Building products supplier SIG is investing in renewed focus on compliance and governance, appointing a Compliance Director and growing the specialist team which will manage and oversee issues of compliance through the supply chain.

The move is part of the organisation’s Return to Growth strategy which sees the organisation making an increasingly proactive contribution to change and improvement within the industry. As a major distributor, SIG is a vocal and committed supporter of the new Code for Construction Product Information.

Under a new management team since 2020, the company is focusing on providing specialist product solutions. Doing so puts considerable onus on SIG staff to support procurement and installation decisions. It is therefore an absolute priority to ensure that they are in turn supported with the right level of accountability and governance to manage risk.

Steve Marr, formerly Procurement Director at SIG, has taken up the role of Compliance Director, managing an internal team of 11 compliance specialists.

This function within SIG UK builds on work already carried out as part of SIG Assured. SIG Assured focuses on ensuring that products supplied by SIG are legal and compliant to national UK standards. The Compliance Team is taking this further, including aspects of sustainability (notably Environmental Product Declarations) and also working with the new Code for Construction Product Information.

In focusing on the issue of Compliance, SIG UK is positioning itself as a proactive force for change.

“At SIG UK we are about more than just price” says Steve Marr. “We should also look to add value, providing assurance for our customers that the products they specify are compliant with all current regulations and performance standards. It is something of a relief to see that the subject of compliance is of increasing importance to our customer base and we are more than happy to support that move.”

Andy Williamson, Commercial Director of SIG, sees the new team as a natural part of the organisation’s evolution. “The construction industry needed to change: At SIG we are looking to do our part by ensuring we’re acting as a responsible supplier, sourcing and distributing products that are compliant, safe and appropriate.”

For SIG, there are several aspects to this responsibility. Steve Marr again: “First, we must ensure the products we manufacture are compliant in every respect. Second, we must provide our customers with assurance that the vast range of products in our inventory are supported by correct and legal documentation. Third we must ensure that our staff have the level of training and expertise needed to support decision-making by the customer.”

This focus on compliance represents a significant investment for SIG and is one manifestation of the new direction for the organisation being driven by the management team.