SIG Performance Technology, the specialist provider of acoustic, fire & thermal and high temperature solutions, has launched the ‘Chi-Gasket’, a new component for use within rainscreen cladding applications which has been developed to support the streamlining of external wall footprints whilst facilitating Building Regulation compliance. Designed for use in all buildings including those with habitation over 18 metres from ground level, the Chi-Gasket delivers enhanced thermal performance in the through-wall construction.

Developed for use with rainscreen support systems, as a component part, the Chi-Gasket is clipped to a range of standard helping hand bracketry. From an Approved Document Part L (England & Wales) & Section 6 (Scotland) perspective, this helps compliance as it reduces the thermal bridging and so helps prevent the bracket from transferring heat out of the building.

The heat loss through the rainscreen bracketry is significantly reduced when utilising the Chi-Gasket. In achieving this, the thickness of external insulation can be reduced but still deliver the same overall U-Value of the through-wall build up or allow consideration towards alternative appropriate thermal insulation options.

Liam Colebrook, New Product Development Director for SIG Performance Technology, comments: “The Chi-Gasket has been developed to facilitate a holistic approach to building envelope design. While as a bracketry component it might seem a small part of the through-wall construction, in reality the improvement which can be realised to the thermal performance is significant. From a thermal perspective, use of the Chi-Gasket specifically affords the opportunity to gain benefits in both SBEM and SAP as it makes a tangible contribution to the overall fabric improvement. As such, we’re encouraging specifiers to consider the Chi-Gasket as early on in the design process as possible.”

At present, Chi-Gasket has been developed for use with rainscreen support systems from Ash & Lacy and NVELOPE, to give specifiers flexibility and choice.

Where NVELOPE Rainscreen Systems are used, SIG Performance Technology can assist specifiers in through-wall rainscreen construction using NVELOPE’s ‘Project Builder’, an innovative technology platform which calculates the rainscreen configuration parameters and bracket types. By using the Project Builder, specifiers can easily identify the most appropriate design to meet building performance requirements whilst simultaneously balancing design and budget targets, in addition to guidance on how best to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

To provide specification support when using Chi-Gasket with the Ash & Lacy rainscreen support system, SIG Performance Technology is available to deliver guidance on how best to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Using advanced thermal modelling techniques, the team will produce detailed calculations to help identify the most appropriate rainscreen support design for a specific development.

A patented product (GB2541513), the Chi-Gasket has achieved LABC Warranty and Premier Guarantee approval and has been shown to meet Sections 11 & 12 of CWCT Standards. Thermal conductivity values have been UKAS accredited while its Hygrothermal Performance meets ETAG 004 2013.

Since its launch, Chi-Gasket has been specified on a number of high profile projects including Yoker, the landmark CLT residential development in Scotland and Park View Student Village in Newcastle.

Chi-Gasket has been announced as a finalist for the Product Innovation Award at the Structural Timber Awards due to take place at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham in October 2018. The award represents emerging products and technologies that are revolutionary in the purpose they serve, in line with UK building regulation and health and safety standards.

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