The first sustainability report from SIG UK highlights the company’s commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives as part of its mission to strengthen its position as a material distributor, employer, and global corporate citizen.

The report details the company’s commitment to transparency and its dedication to changing how the business will operate in order to achieve net-zero carbon by 2035.

SIG UK has a rich history of championing green solutions, having started its sustainability journey at its inception in 1957, as a distributor of energy saving insulating materials. It has been on a journey ever since, implementing new measures and structures to champion energy conservation and is now looking to leverage its market position to drive sustainability with its customers and suppliers.

As Philip Johns, SIG UK Managing Director outlines in his forward, SIG holds a key position at the centre of the supply chain. “This provides us with a prime vantage point from which to work with both suppliers and customers to deliver a defined sustainable product range that meets and exceeds environmental standards.”

In the document Sustainability Report 2021 Commencing our journey 2022-2025, SIG explain how it intends to continue its sustainability journey into the future in three strategic stages:

  • Years 1-3: Commencing the Journey will involve the practical implementation of key initiatives
  • Years 4-7: Advancing the Journey involve enhancements and improvements to existing sustainability programmes
  • Years 8-10: Completing the Journey will see the last corrective and mitigating actions to achieve the targeted net-zero position.

In 2021, SIG UK began its sustainability journey in earnest. Early successes include: a 52% reduction in operational carbon footprint compared with its emissions level in 2010; enhanced health and safety capability and know-how with new appointments to key positions; and the establishment of a CEO-led steering group to support the ESG agenda.

In addition, in January 2022 SIG became a partner of the Supply Chain Sustainability School to help raise awareness of sustainable building practices both internally and with its supply chain. While in February 2022, SIG UK was named CO2nstructZero Business Champion by the Construction Leadership Council in recognition of the company’s work and commitments to reaching net zero goals.

Lorna Stork, Environment, Sustainability and Governance Director for SIG UK is driving the sustainability agenda. Launching the report, she said:

“This report outlines the sustainability ambitions, commitments and targets that SIG is dedicated to achieving and marks the start of our journey to towards net-zero carbon by 2035. This is just the beginning, and we know there will be many difficult challenges along the way that I am sure we will overcome to deliver on these commitments.”

“This report is a pledge to the industry that SIG are taking serious steps towards sustainability in all its forms. I hope it will serve to highlight the work and initiatives being put in place to become an industry leader for environmental, social and governance best practice”.

To view or download the SIG UK 2021 sustainability report visit or click here