SmartPly DryBacker, a modular panel system, is being used to provide supports for fixtures and fittings on metal stud partitions for the interior fit-out of the new Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) at the University of Strathclyde.

The fit-out of the new nine-storey building demanded a large volume of partitioning panels that could be installed quickly. In total 9,500m² of SmartPly DryBacker has been installed by Linear Projects.

The speed of fit-out with SmartPly DryBacker panels is made quicker by vertical side recesses to accommodate the ‘C’ shaped drywall metal studs. The uniform structure of SmartPly OSB means a fixing can be made at any point on the panel’s surface. Unlike plywood there is no risk of inherent weaknesses caused by core voids or surface knotholes.

SmartPly panels are manufactured from locally sourced FSC-certified timber and panels also carry the CE mark in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation to assure EUTR compliance.