British Gypsum Build Better Academy has purchased an online mental health awareness module from Mates in Mind that is being offered free of charge.

The course is called “Start the conversation”and is a 45-minute light-touch course which provides practical skills to spot the signs of mental health issues in the learner and in co-workers, giving the learner confidence to step in, reassure, support and signpost co-workers to relevant support structures and where to go themselves for further support. It can be access by any device and is “pick up, put down” so it doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting and can be done around work/personal commitments.

Following completion of the course, learners will:

  • Understand what is meant by ‘mental health’
  • Understand the pressures facing people at work and outside work
  • Understand how these pressures affect mental health
  • Understand why people are reluctant to talk about mental health
  • Know ways of looking after one’s own mental health
  • Know the signs that someone else needs help
  • Know what to say/do if someone else needs help
  • Recognise that’s it’s OK (and indeed beneficial) to talk about mental health

More information and to access the free training visit