A StoSilent Distance acoustic system has been used to create a balanced and practical acoustic environment for a major London landmark building.

Originally built to house the Financial Times newspaper, Bracken House was the first in England, and the second post-war building, to receive listed status. The premises have recently been extensively refurbished in a project designed to bring together the two original sections of the building, while preserving the original style and character. This involved the installation of the StoSilent Distance acoustic system in the atrium area, to create an environment that functions efficiently from an acoustic perspective, while also blending seamlessly with the area’s new, updated appearance.

The atrium was opened up, with walls removed on each side to create a more streamlined space. The inclusion of large areas of glass demanded the use of an acoustic design which would allow the atrium area to meet the various challenges of modern-day buildings for sound attenuation/reverberation and increased speech clarity, despite the large volume of ambient noise that would be generated.

The StoSilent Distance suspended ceiling installation was completed with the two-part, hand-troweled StoSilent Top system, which consists of a StoSilent basic basecoat and StoSilent top finish. This is a sound-permeable finish which produces an ultrafine surface with a slight crystal shimmer.