A StoSilent panel seamless acoustic ceiling system has dramatically improved the foyer acoustics and enhanced the acoustic environment in the adjoining theatre spaces for York Theatre Royal.

The theatre’s main foyer is a mid-20th century addition, a busy multi-storey space which is primarily stone and glasswork. As part of modifications, the theatre needed an acoustic solution that would enable the creation of a sweeping, seamless ceiling finish that reflected the existing large areas of plasterwork.

The StoSilent panel system selected features 96 per cent recycled glass boards for a high-level acoustic performance. These were suspended from an SC 400 braced steel grid and finished with a StoSilent Décor M coating, a spray-applied, sound-permeable layer that provides a decorative but practical top coat.

Byron Harrison, of acoustic and theatre consultancy Charcoalblue, which designed the new acoustic solution, said: “The reverberation time in the new foyer is just 0.6 of a second. That makes a huge contribution towards limiting the noise in the foyer and making it a much more comfortable space