Vodafone’s refurbished Manchester office is the first building in the UK to combine two electric moveable walls, delivering an entirely automated system for dividing room space quickly and efficiently. 

Working with architects CMI Workplace and FIS member and main contractor Overbury, Style was specified to install a fully automatic DORMA Hüppe Moveo Glazed ComfortDrive moveable wall adjacent to a Skyfold, the fully automatic, vertically rising operable wall which is housed in the ceiling cavity. At the push of a button, the walls open and close with ease, offering a lab-tested 50dB Rw acoustic integrity for the Moveo glass system, and 51dB Rw for the Skyfold.

The Vodafone office has been completely refitted in line with Vodafone’s Better Ways of Working ethos, with significant improvements being introduced to space planning efficiency. The two automatic operable walls from Style help to create an environment that supports the multi-functional purpose of the building.