Leading partitioning specialist, Style, has launched a new glass sliding wall solution for balconies and terraces (BSW).

Transforming a balcony into functional space, glass panels are used to enclose the area, creating a barrier against weather and noise without impeding the view. On fine days, the upper section of the glass panels can be neatly folded and stacked to one side, allowing people to sit out and enjoy the sunshine.

For terrace rooms that open straight out into a garden or external seating area, Style’s new glass sliding wall allows the boundary between the two spaces to be easily removed on sunny days, whilst successfully combining weather protection with uninterrupted views of the outside during inclement weather.

With a discrete guidance track that can be fitted flush to the floor, the BSW system creates a truly a streamlined aesthetic.

“This is an exciting addition to our portfolio of glass moveable, folding and partitioning walls,” said Mark Cowley, who heads up the glass solutions division at Style. “With space at a premium, it makes sense to extract the maximum functionality from what is available.”

“Our sliding-folding glass wall system brings the outdoors in, effectively expanding the living space in residential homes. In commercial settings, such as restaurants for example, the BSW can be used to increase capacity by making use of a balcony or external area that would otherwise only be enjoyed in good weather.”

Making for a welcoming environment, even when a terrace room or balcony is entirely enclosed by the glass panels, air still circulates internally thanks to tiny, 3mm gaps between that provide continuous ventilation. Any condensation is quickly filtered outside thanks to unobtrusive drainage vents and guttering.

Fitted with a sophisticated roller system, the individual glass panels also incorporate autonomous pivot point identifiers, ensuring smooth and effortless manoeuvrability every time.

Ideal for residential and hospitality settings, the BSW system also offers opportunities for sports clubs, retail outlets and commercial offices, wherever a more enjoyable experience could be offered by opening-up an internal area to incorporate an outdoor space.