Style, the exclusive UK distributor for DORMA partitioning walls, has unveiled new moveable wall system that takes acoustic integrity to a new level.  DORMA’s Variflex 88 boasts improved sound insulation, up to Rw 58dB, but with a reduced wall thickness of just 88mm, which is approximately 12% thinner than other comparable walls. 

In addition to improved acoustics, the new lightweight Variflex 88 demands less stringent structural requirements and is also easier to slide into place.  When not in use, the 88mm thin panels take up less floor area than other systems, discreetly tucking into a small niche and ensuring the space is maximised to its fullest advantage.

The acoustic performance of Rw 58dB has been achieved by primarily changing the construction of the frame.  Sound bridges have been avoided and the structure has been created with a low overall vibration rate, ensuring every panel functions like an optimized sound buffer.  In addition, profiles and sealing strips have been optimised, as well as the facing board which is highly impermeable.

The new 88 system comes with all the hallmarks of DORMA’s popular Variflex offering.  Panel faces are manufactured separately to the frame, which means they are easy to change if one is damaged or scuffed over time, or if the interior design of a room needs refreshing.  The system also provides a wide choice of panels and stacking/parking arrangements, making it adaptable for rooms with complicated proportions or where sloping ceilings and circular spaces have to be accommodated.  Enhancing any interior décor, the Variflex panels are available in an almost limitless range of finishes.


The Variflex 88 can also be completely automated using the DORMA ComfortDrive system.