The Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) has extended its guarantee to high rise properties for buildings with five storeys and above.

Nick Pinkham, general manager of SWIGA, commented: “Significant potential exists for the installation of solid wall insulation (SWI) on higher rise properties and we are able to offer the established SWIGA Guarantee for such work.

“SWIGA can now offer the same comprehensive guarantee for high rise buildings, starting at £158 per flat in buildings with five to seven storeys and £237 for eight storeys and above.”

In addition the installer certification body Stroma has now been recognised by SWIGA for its quality and surveillance framework. Matt Ferguson, director of Stroma Certification, said: “Stroma Certification is delighted to be able to include the SWIGA surveillance and guarantee assessment for our members. This addition, including a solid wall competent person scheme, makes our bundle offer of GDI, CPS and MCS certification a strong all round solution.”

Membership of SWIGA is open to SWI installers and system certificate Holders. For more information about SWIGA contact Nick Pinkham at SWIGA