The Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency (SWIGA) has launched a new website at

The website is designed to provide information and advice to householders, specifiers and insulation companies about the Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency 25 year independent guarantee covering external, internal and hybrid solid wall insulation.

The website includes an in-depth Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) section explaining the new schemes. It also has pages explaining the new guarantee and the different types of Solid Wall Insulation (SWI) available and a very handy “Find a Member” page with a full list of all the registered Installers and System Certificate Holder members.

Mark Weaver, Chair of SWIGA commented: “We are very excited with the launch of the new SWIGA website. Its content explains the new guarantee and benefits of SWI and also provides a list of registered installer members. The site also has an online application process providing a fast and easy way for Installers and System Certificate Holders to apply for SWIGA membership.”

SWIGA was established to provide householders with an independent, uniform and dependable guarantee covering professionally installed External, Internal or Hybrid (where both are used on the same property) solid wall insulation solutions. Furthermore, Ofgem has recently named SWIGA in the guidance for the installation of SWI under the ECO.

For more information about SWIGA please visit