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With the popularity of glass office partitions increasing, QIC Trims has launched a new division – QIC Partitions – dedicated to serving the interior fit out market.

QIC Managing Director, Matt Woollam, said: “We have been working on an increasing number of glass partition projects for our existing client base who know we have experience and expertise in that area. With the success of Glass Partition Systems our customers have demanded additional products for solid, glazed and transitions systems.

“By launching QIC Partitions, we’re leaving customers in no doubt as to what we can offer. We have needed the technical and sales team in place dedicated to give these projects their full attention. We have the team in place and believe this move will enable us to give our customers the very best service. Also the fact these products are all manufactured in house at our 38,000 sq/ft facility near Buckingham”

QIC Partitions has an internal and external technical sales team ready to help, headed up by Sales Director Neil Miller.

A range overview includes;

System 25 Single Glazed and System 68 Double Glazed systems are selected for their minimalist and sleek profile, thanks to the use of dry-glazed glass-to-glass joints. For added detail and aesthetic appeal, the aluminium channel profiles can be integrated with aluminium doorframes for a sophisticated finish, and almost limitless transition profiles.

System 75 and System 100 offer a more familiar system based on standard stud track and plasterboard to achieve solid and numerous glazed options. With a number of products including universal doorframes ex stock in standard colours.

Neil Miller, Sales Director for QIC, said: “Creating an inspirational working environment is of the utmost importance for QIC customers, installers and end users, which is why the QIC Partitions range of flexible and customisable partitioning solutions are the perfect fit.”

The QIC Partitions sales team can be contacted via the details below:

Tel – 01280 818950




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