The pandemic is more or less behind us, but we now have a skills crisis to contend with as well as challenges around climate change and soaring energy prices. Safe to say, the next wave of disruption is probably just around the corner and the enormity of the task ahead for those shaping the places in which we live and work looms large.

ISG’s second ‘The Power of Place: The true cost of inaction’ report, published at the end of May, shines a light on the continued importance of physical workplaces in this post-pandemic world.

The first report recorded shifts in attitudes and sentiment towards the workplace across one of the most turbulent periods in modern memory. This new report goes a step further – to capture insight from employees, employers and asset owners at a time when society is transitioning from short-term decision-making to long-term preparation for a radical new reality.

While the pandemic and subsequent rise in hybrid and remote working may have changed the world of work exponentially, when it comes to creating a sense of belonging among talent, and inspiring people to be creative and productive, the physical workplace still has a big role to play.

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