The Optima Adaptable Meeting Room® is a versatile freestanding solution designed to fit any space. This demountable system is packed with a number of unique features from a state-of-the-art ventilation system to UV sterilising lights and superior acoustic performance. Furthermore, built with all the high-quality materials and products, its office meeting pods offer a modular solution designed to maximise office.

Unlike traditional meeting rooms, the AMR can be put up, taken down, and relocated quickly and easily to adapt to the changing needs of the office. Structurally sound, adaptable meeting rooms also deliver the structural stability of a traditional fit-out in one flexible, modular product.

These office meeting pods offer a dynamic way to transform any office space, boosting productivity and creativity within the workplace. Designed with use in mind, the AMR promotes a range of different working methods, from socialising, private working, or collaborating, putting the needs of the user front and centre.

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