Innovation is a much used term in construction. James McLavy, innovation project manager at British Gypsum, outlines their commitment to develop ideas that can support both customers and the industry as a whole.

Along with product development, client expectations have also evolved in recent years. British Gypsum understands the need for innovation that provides great quality products for its customers, and has a dedicated innovation team and research and development facilities in order to facilitate this focus. Our employees are also encouraged to get involved with this process, and we have developed a number of ways to enable them to do this. Our ‘Innov8’ schemes reward employees for their contributions and help to develop ideas that can support both our customers and the industry as a whole.

The needs of installers, clients and occupiers are continually changing. In order for manufacturers to meet the future needs of the customer, and remain ahead of the curve when it comes to product development, it is crucial they invest in innovation. Innovation must encourage products and processes that both support the customer, and meet the expectations of the end user of the building.

The role of drylining in a build project is now more diverse than ever, and can provide solutions to a range of people’s living needs. Indoor air quality, for example, is one of the top three considerations for architects and building occupants when specifying products according to research conducted by the plaster and drylining manufacturer. British Gypsum developed ACTIVair technology which absorbs and converts volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into inert compounds and prevents their re-emission back into the atmosphere, after recognising the potential harmful effects of impurities and pollutants, such as VOCs, on health and wellbeing. This innovation has helped customers improve air quality for the end user, and has had a positive impact on not only the build itself, but the environment and people within it.

It is innovations such as VOC absorbing ACTIVair that are setting a new standard when it comes to innovation for building interiors, technological developments like these are securing the future of drylining as a necessity for building projects that have a number of specifications to meet.

At British Gypsum we focus on two streams of innovation, we deliver what our customers need in terms of time and cost efficiencies and seek to create new products and services which complement the modern, flexible needs of the end user.

James McLavy is innovation project manager at British Gypsum.