Have you got the workplace oooh?

With all the talk about sq ft, desk ratio and space reductions, we often overlook the elephant in the room and how we feel at work.

The Workplace Oooh! is a data-driven, insight-backed workplace approach; highlighting and prioritising what matters in the workplace and inspiring people to perform at their best.

The report looked at:

  • What could turn an ok day in the office into a brilliant one?
  • What do people visit the office for?
  • What do people really visit the office for?

And the results show that:

  • Teamwork makes Baby Boomers feel the most positive in the workplace
  • Over 1 in 2 office workers spending 37+ hours per week in the office are uninspired
  • Younger generations don’t just want to collaborate or have free coffee – they’re the most likely ones to go into the office for quiet lone working.

Download your copy now at www.claremontgi.com/the-workplace-oooh/