An innovative plaster that attracts magnets

Turn any wall space into a fun gallery or interactive noticeboard with Thistle Magnetic Plaster, by British Gypsum.

03 magneticThistle Magnetic Plaster is a unique product that attracts magnets to it, much like a fridge door. Previously plaster could have been regarded as little more than an essential fix, but it can now become a feature fabric of customers’ rooms. This innovative formula means that the plaster can be used to create interactive spaces in rooms such as kitchens, studies and bedrooms, bringing walls to life.

Applied to new or existing walls, Thistle Magnetic Plaster allows customers to create interesting features in their current homes, as well as providing tradesmen with an attractive talking point in all types of properties. It enables the customer to transform any wall in any room into an inspiring gallery or interactive noticeboard that they can change as often as they like.

Under the banner of British Gypsum’s ‘Rooms Made For You’ range, Thistle Magnetic Plaster is the first product to be aimed at the homeowner. With over a century of experience in developing new products and systems, directly targeting the consumer is a new way of thinking for British Gypsum. This is a result of in-depth research into the wants and needs of the consumer and how trade meets those needs.

01 magneticThistle Magnetic Plaster comes in 25kg bags and is applied with the same methods and skills as Thistle Multi-Finish, only slightly thicker at a minimum of 3mm thickness. Walls can then be finished with standard emulsion paint or combined with specialist finishes such as chalkboard and whiteboard paint.

Thistle Magnetic Plaster is available in single bag quantities from your usual Thistle Plaster stockist.

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