London’s Tower Bridge will soon have an automated natural ventilation system installed, which will minimize the indoor CO2 level and consume near to zero energy.

The task to install a sustainable ventilation system that also creates an optimum indoor environment will be carried out by the Danish clean-tech company, WindowMaster International A/S. After the initial site survey, analyses and the subsequent submission of a tender through the Westminster Council, it was this month decided that the Tower Bridge will soon be upgraded with new spindle actuators, motor controllers, key switches and finally a rain sensor. Combined, these state-of-the-art unites will heighten functionality of the exhibit area during the day and private function space during the evening.

The strong actuators are suitable for comfort ventilation. With the advanced MotorLinkĀ® control system, the windows are accurately controlled and require no external synchronization module. The reduced maintenance cost and minimum energy usage, together with the actuator’s integrated reverse function that ensures a prolonged life span of the window gaskets, makes it an overall valuable investment, which will release far less greenhouse gasses than its mechanical ventilation counterpart.

The motor controller uses complex signals from connected components such as room sensors, BUS commands and a weather sensor to accurately control the window position and let in just the right amount of air. By factoring in indoor and outdoor conditions, the CO2 level in the rooms can be reduced significantly, which in turn will improve the indoor climate and comfortability.