Tradeline, the range of drywall solutions exclusive to CCF, has introduced a new and lightweight glass fibre, flexible fire stopping barrier. 

The new fire stopping barrier is the first fire protection system offering from Tradeline, and has been developed as part of a Third Party fire certified system – vital for achieving the correct fire protection required every time. Customers can also be assured that it is manufactured to rigorous safety and quality criteria to meet British Standards.

Available in glass woven and unwoven textile, the fire stopping barrier system complements a number of other elements in a full system warranty, including CCF’s Tradeline Metal.

Annemarie Shotton, CCF Category Group Manager, said: “This is the first time a full fire protection system has been introduced to the Tradeline range and marks a new era for the brand. What’s more, we have launched this product with certified fire safety brand VALBARR, to guarantee quality.

“As the Tradeline range continues to grow and move into more specialist areas, such as fire protection, we are also investing in strengthening our customer support and expertise through the introduction of three new technical managers.”

Tradeline’s new and lightweight flexible fire stopping barrier will be available from  April 2018 at CCF branches nationwide. Customers will be able to spot the specially rebranded packaging, which differentiates the fire certified product from the rest of the Tradeline range.