Sektor’s sales director, Steve Crompton, explains how new product development in partitioning is helping even more design visions to become a reality.

Advancements in interiors  partitioning are making the design visions of end users a reality more than ever before, with users now able to choose from bespoke  partitioning, including  made-to-measure and curved options that can also be branded with company logos, colours and patterns. This is prevalent across materials, but arguably none more so than with glass, which, thanks to the growth in demand for light and adaptable interiors spaces, has definitely influenced the choices available.

The popularity of glazing options has brought about some exciting developments on the market, such as smart glass that turns from transparent to frosted at the flip of a switch. Additionally, we’re seeing a larger range of glass thicknesses with the option of using even thinner, more  cost-effective glass, which can still retain the acoustic and fire  performance required on projects.

Innovation in design also extends to the features of the systems, including ‘moveable wall’ options. These allow users to make the most of the space, especially when it is at a premium, through being able to switch between having a larger or smaller area when required.

Relocatable features also  provide building users and  architects with the scope to plan future layout and space changes. This gives the option to extend the panels in the future, move them completely or alter them  to adapt to the changing needs  of a business, such as  accommodating for growth.

It is not just the system that is important, but also the chosen  finish. Modern partitioning  systems offer countless options from vinyl, veneer, melamine, paint or magnetic dry-wipe  surfaces for writing.

The innovations discussed here are just a fraction of what is being made possible through clever design, and it is clear that as trends develop, interiors solutions will no doubt continue to be influenced to achieve even more design possibilities in the future.


Sales director – Sektor