SPIT have announced that their high performing vinylester chemical mortar, VIPER Xtrem, now offers an extended life service of 100 years, instead of 50 for post installed rebar applications.

The VIPER XTREM forms part of the SPIT Chemical Anchor range. Suitable for multiple applications in cracked concrete and seismic conditions, this resin can be used in dry, humid and flooded holes with easy usability in temperatures ranging from -10°c to + 40°c.

In compliance with new EAD 330087-01-0601 “systems for post-installed rebar connections with mortar under seismic action”, the ETA for post installed rebar has been updated for the whole VIPER range (VIPER 410ml and 280ml) to extend the life service from 50 to 100 years.

In addition to the extended life service, the VIPER XTREM has optimised its amplification factor Alpha LB – reducing the minimum concrete thickness requirement in concretes C12/15 to C50/60 by up to 25% for certain sizes.

Megan Edgar, Product Manager for SPIT comments:

“Our anchor range is designed to withstand extreme conditions such as earthquakes, and can be used in combined tensile and shear loads, or in cracks of variable width. SPIT VIPER XTREM offers a very high level of performance, enabling efficient design in the seismic C1 and C2 categories, depending on the seismic risk level.

“The versatility of the VIPER XTREM chemical mortar means that it can be used in seven different substrates and its applications include structural steel anchoring, safety barriers, balustrades, guard rails, post installed rebar in non-cracked and cracked concrete as well as seismic conditions, and other seismic applications.”

Knowing the installation and curing time for the VIPER XTREM in a variety of temperatures is paramount to enable your team to maximise their productivity:


Temperature Max Installation Time Curing Time
-10°c to -5°c 90 min 24h
-4°c to 0°c 50 min 240 min
1°c to 5°c 25 min 120 min
6°c to 10°c 15 min 90 min
11°c to 20°c 7 min 60 min
21°c to 30°c 4 min 45 min
31°c to 40°c 2 min 30 min

With the new ETA assessment, the VIPER XTREM offers the following advantages:

  • Compliance with new EAD 3304087-01-0601 with unchanged high performance and 100 years life service
  • ETA approval option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete and seismic C1 (M8 to M30) and seismic C2 (M12 to M20)
  • New Amplification Factor Alpha LB: concrete thickness reduction (h min) up to 25%
  • Enhanced productivity with easy flow and usability from -10°c to + 40°c
  • Approved for use in dry, humid and flooded holes
  • Reduced product waste thanks to a rigid cartridge
  • Visual mixing control made possible through a transparent nozzle
  • 18-month shelve life (used or unopened)
  • Suitable for all drilling methods including diamond
  • Odour free and no volatile organic compound (rating A+)
  • Fire approval

The SPIT Chemical Mortar range also includes EPCON C8 XTREM (suitable for studs and rebar in non-cracked and cracked concrete and seismic applications) and MULTIMAX (suitable for reinforcing bars and threaded rods for medium use in concrete and stony materials).

SPIT VIPER is integrated in the SPIT I-EXPERT calculation software, which uses a 3D interface to ensure that any desired application configuration can be designed and correctly calculated in accordance to best practice measurements.

The SPIT Volume Calculator app allows engineers to determine the number of adhesive cartridges required on any project. This is available on both iOS and android app stores.

For more information on the VIPER Xtrem range and to download technical documentation, please head to the product page: https://www.itwcp.co.uk/en/Chemical-Fixings/Chemical-Resin/VIPER-XTREM_pUKSPIT_197302sharp0.htm#/technical-dl