A Personal Learning Accounts (PLA) is a programme launched by the Welsh Government to access flexible part-time courses with the aim of obtaining the skills and qualifications an individual would need to change careers or to upskill within their current area of employment to access a wider range of job opportunities and/or gain employment at a higher level.

Individuals will be able to get new skills and qualifications that local employers need to help them progress their current career or change it altogether to take advantage of skills shortages and boost their chances of kickstarting a career change or enhance their career. All of the courses on offer through a Personal Learning Account are being funded by the Welsh Government.

These flexible fully-subsidised courses will allow individuals to study and work around their family and employment commitments.  Courses available fall under these sectors:

  • Construction
  • Health
  • Engineering
  • Digital
  • Financial Services
  • Creative
  • Tourism and Leisure

How to access a Personal Learning Account?

To be eligible for a Personal Learning Account, individuals will need to be over 19 and living in Wales, in employment earning under £26,000 a year or been furloughed.  The process for applying is simple and involves working with the Business Development Unit to discuss goals and career aspirations to ensure that the course is the right pathway for them, or if there is a more suitable course.  The Business Development Unit can be contacted by clicking here.