Wetherby Building Systems has hit back at BBC reports published yesterday that warned of overheating in homes insulated under Green Deal, as simply untrue.

Commenting on the rising debate, Bob Deane, managing director of Wetherby said: “The way insulation works is very simple; as well as keeping heat in, it also keeps heat out. Homes that have been fitted with external wall insulation are actually in a better position during hot spells, as the heat will not be able to transfer through the walls to heat the property, so these homes will in fact stay cooler.

“This BBC report has only added to the problem of the slow take-up of Green Deal initiatives. The statistics released at the end of June by DECC and CCC revealed that the levels of energy efficient measures being installed under the Green Deal and ECO schemes are currently too low to meet the government’s carbon budgets. All parties in the industry are working hard to encourage increased take-up of these schemes and scaremongering media reports such as this are only serving to put us back again.”

Last week energy minister Greg Barker revealed that the government is planning a new industry group to find ways to boost demand for the Green Deal.