In December, the RIBA Future Trends Workload Index returned a positive balance of +18, a 5 point increase on November’s figure of +13.

29% of practices expect workloads to grow in the coming three months, whilst 59% expect them to remain the same. 12% of practices expect workloads to decrease.

Throughout 2021, the RIBA the Future Trends Workload Index has remained in positive territory, hitting a high of +31 in June, and a low of +3 in January. For the year, the average index figure was +21. This compares to -7 in 2020. December saw actual workloads reported to be 6% greater than 12 months ago.

On balance, all practice sizes remain confident about future workloads, as do all regions. The Housing, Commercial, and Public Sectors are expected to grow over the coming three months. The outlook for the Community sector remains pessimistic, however.

The full report is available to download from the RIBA website here