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Welcome to the April edition of SpecFinish

We’ve covered many topics in this issue, including the hugely successful FIS conference, which saw all eight sessions have standing room only.  We feature the session Improving the fit-out process: A partnership approach, where two industry experts shared important messages, emphasising the significance of early supply chain involvement and re-imagining the fit-out process.

We also delve deeper into a report on Scope 3 emissions which reveals the colossal challenge our industry faces and concludes that Scope 3 is pretty much the whole ball game.

On page 12 we hear from Mark Randall who reflects on the lessons learned and significant changes that IOR has navigated over 35 years, and on P24 we have an expert perspective on how the Design Responsibility Matrix can provide the clarity the supply chain requires.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue.  If you are interested in featuring in the magazine, do get in touch by emailing or

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