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Another packed issue, with lots of informative and thought provoking content.

We kick off the first issue of the year with an interview with FIS member EE Smith Contracts, which is ranked 28th in the UK’s Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers and first in the construction industry. SpecFinish spoke to three members of staff who are instrumental in the success of their apprenticeship scheme.

On the topic of Skills, FIS is delighted to announce that its BuildBack scheme will make a welcome return in 2021 to help recruit new workers.

There is also coverage on the Roadmap to Recovery – compliance, collaboration, competence and culture. We spoke to a number of individuals from across the supply chain who debated the big changes we expect to see in the next two years, how businesses within the sector need to adapt, how the sector needs to evolve, the critical steps to effecting positive change and what can we do as a community to influence change

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