CITB chief executive Adrian Belton visited AIS FPDC member Measom Dryline on a major construction site in central London to find out more about  what fit-out and finishes contractors are doing to boost skills in the sector.During his visit Mr Belton took a ‘turn on the tools’ to see whether he had what it takes to become a fixer.

David Frise, chief executive at AIS FPDC, who arranged the visit, said: “We’ve been campaigning to improve training provision for interior trades  and Adrian’s visit allowed him to see at first hand the challenges specialist contractors face in trying to bridge the current skills shortage.”

During the morning visit a full spectrum of training topics were covered, ranging from levy reform to the lack of grant payments to the interiors sector. AIS FPDC was also able to preview its training strategy that intends to tackle issues outlined in the Interiors Sector Training Review.

The main findings of a CITB-funded Interiors Sector Training Review, published last April, was that two thirds of interior trades operatives are unqualified; there are insufficient new entrants coming into the sector through a formal qualification route; and the communication of training opportunities and funding is sporadic.