In 2010 two mechanical engineers, Nimo Rotem and Oleg Zhukov, began custom-designing and building specialist power tools for scientific and government organisations, including the US Navy and Israeli Defence Forces. Their love of innovation and knowledge of engineering enabled them to develop and integrate new and exciting technologies into products made for the most extreme conditions on earth.

In 2013 they made the decision to adapt the technology to commercial use and they developed a premium range of waterproof cordless power tools for the commercial diving and offshore drilling industry.

Six years later, using their knowledge of technologies found in more high-tech products – batteries and electronics from the drone industry, cooling technology from the computer industry, and sealing and fabrication methods from the marine industry – the patented and revolutionary GRABO was born.

The GRABO is a hand-held battery powered vacuum lifter that enables the handling of multiple materials from tiles and paving to sheet materials and glass. Its twin seal design works on uneven surfaces, such as stippled glass, riven paving or tiles, textured façades and even on surfaces that are dusty or wet. Even more uniquely, it works on porous materials, such as plasterboard, plywood and many types of porous stone because its vacuum motor can run constantly to compensate air loss through the material.

With a lifting capacity of up to 170kg, the GRABO offers the user much better lifting positions for materials, helping to reduce manual handling injuries that occur when lifting materials by their edges alone. It enables you to carry materials with hands close to the waist – the safest and most effective carrying position. Furthermore, by keeping fingers away from the edges it helps you position materials more precisely, preventing fingers being trapped between materials and keeping them away from any applied adhesive.

The GRABO is now being established in many trades due to its uses in drylining, façade installation, raised access flooring, glazing, stonemasonry, furniture moving, SFS, modular homes, landscaping, tiling and manufacturing. The latest model comes with a pressure gauge for visual indication of grip, and a robust storage case. Two rechargeable Li-ion batteries are provided to give near-constant use.

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