STEM Ambassadors can help showcase careers in construction to young people and are an exciting free of charge resource for young learners, teachers nd other individuals working with young people in and outside of the classroom.A STEM Ambassador will:

  • Complement excellent teaching in schools and colleges by offering a fresh and inspiring perspective to lessons and providing real-life career information.
  • Volunteer their time and experience to speak to young people about progressing in STEM subjects and careers through a range of activities including
    school presentations, mentoring and career talks.
  • Often provide the first introduction to the construction industry for young people, delivering a life-changing impact on their future career decisions. They are also able to illustrate what a career in STEM and in particular our sector really looks like and broaden the horizons of young people by exposing them to the vast breadth and depth of opportunities.
  • Share stories of their own experiences of working in STEM, showing students the steps, they need to take to get there themselves

Employers will benefit hugely from encouraging their staff to volunteer as STEM Ambassadors. They promote positive images of their sector and as mentioned above engage with and inspire a young audience that may one day become a new generation of employees. They also give something back to their communities by working with schools, colleges and youth groups to make a real difference.

Find out how a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador can raise the profile of our sector amongst young people and how you can become one.