Doing our bit for the environment

Amron Architectural is proud to officially announce it has received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its range of metal ceiling systems.

The EPD is a standardised document which informs customers about a product’s environmental and health impact. It’s based on the ISO 12025 standard and the scientific foot printing method Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The EPDs are a validation that is important to us as a company to provide transparent data about the environmental sustainability of our products.

Jonathan Reed, Managing Director says, “Our team takes sustainability very seriously and we are committed to making sure we are helping to reduce the environmental impact of our products, this in turn assures our customers when making purchasing decisions on our ceiling systems.”

We’ve got you covered

It’s important for spaces to create an environment that adopts creativity and innovation which is why there are endless design possibilities when working with decorative metal.

With ceilings often dictating the mood and overall feeling of a space, Amron Architectural’s metal systems can help you design bespoke installations using different materials, finishes, and textures according to the size and shapes required. They have a range of suspended systems, hook on concealed grids, mesh raft systems, bespoke systems, and cloud raft systems to suit any design possibilities.

Speak to their Creative Metal Specialists to discuss your project.