British Gypsum has introduced a new 2,300mm length plasterboard as a standard option on tapered edge 12.5mm Gyproc WallBoard, as an alternative to the traditional 2,400mm size. The new length has been designed to help housebuilders reduce waste and save time on site, by reducing the need to cut the boards to size and discard of unwanted material.

While the potential waste reduction opportunities of shorter plasterboard have previously been identified, a lack of standardisation in terms of floor-to-ceiling heights has made it difficult to agree a commonly accepted length.

The new size is a result of British Gypsum’s collaboration with major housebuilders, particularly Barratt Developments, to gain a consensus and prove the business case for a specific industry standard shorter plasterboard.

Following a successful trial with Barratt Developments, British Gypsum has launched the 2,300mm length as a standard option on tapered edge 12.5mm Gyproc WallBoard. Based on its trial, Barratt Developments has estimated that switching to the 2,300mm plasterboard will reduce its annual waste by at least 1,200 tonnes.

In addition to the new 2,300mm boards, housebuilders can also work directly with British Gypsum to create bespoke plasterboard sizes, for orders over a minimum quantity.

The move to a smaller size of plasterboard forms part of British Gypsum’s wider commitment to sustainable building, by minimising waste as well as reducing pallet requirements to transport the products.