New guidance for design and installation of drylining from BSI.

BSI will publish a revised BS8000-8 code of practice for plasterboard partitions and dry linings which was last reviewed in 1994. This is a long way past the regular cycle of reviews preferred by BSI. Unusually this series of standards will now include design so will be known as BS8000-8 Workmanship on construction sites – Part 8: Design and installation of dry
lining systems – Code of practice.

The starting point was to consider what other standards carried similar guidance which included:
• BS8212:1995 Code of practice for dry lining and partitioning using gypsum plasterboard
• BS5234-1 :1992 Partitions (including matching linings) – Part 1: Code of practice for design and installation
• prEN 15303 Design and application of plasterboard systems on frames – Part 1: General

The task of amalgamating these into a single document to identify where there was duplication and gaps was carried out by Paul Tollervey at Knauf. This allowed a business case to be put to BSI and the long task of rewriting the guide began, resulting in almost 80 pages of text, tables and illustrations.

You can find out more about this revision here.