Take a moment to look around the room you’re in. Can you tell exactly what the products surrounding you are? Do you have any idea if they’re fit for purpose? And if there were a problem with any of them, would you know how to deal with it?

That is the question BSI Identify sets out to answer – a game-changing solution designed to improve traceability and drive safety in the built environment.

What is BSI Identify?
BSI Identify is a digital identification service that uses DOI (digital object identifier) technology to provide manufacturers with a single place to add and maintain their product information in real time.

Each product is assigned a unique, enduring and traceable digital object identifier called a BSI UPIN (Universal Persistent Identification Number), which can be marked with a QR code, NFC or RFID tags. These UPINs are then held in an accessible and searchable registry available to all operators, for a safer and more transparent supply chain.

Benefits of BSI Identify
BSI Identify is designed to help solve the product traceability challenge in the supply chain. For product manufacturers it is a clear signal of their commitment to product and customer safety. For supply operators, it is a one-stop resource to find relevant and always up-to-date information on a product.

BSI Identify can also help manufacturers to conform to industry initiatives, such as the newly introduced Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI). Using the UPIN product landing page allows manufacturers to efficiently present and control clear, accurate, up-to-date, accessible and unambiguous product information.

For more information on how BSI Identify can support your business, visit the BSI website.