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BSI is reviewing fire performance of external cladding systems standards BS 8414 and it is calling for input from the industry as part of its public consultation.

The public consultation process for the revision of the existing fire performance of external cladding systems standards, BS 8414 – Part 1: Test method for non-loadbearing external cladding systems applied to the masonry face of a building, and Part 2: Test method for non-loadbearing external cladding systems fixed to and supported by a structural steel frame –  is now open.

Views are being sought on these voluntary standards from all interested parties including industry practitioners, regulators, fire safety specialists and consumer organizations. The consultation for Part 1 is open until 8 July 2019 and comments can be submitted online at:

BS 8414–1: https://standardsdevelopment.bsigroup.com/projects/2019-01079

BS 8414-2: https://standardsdevelopment.bsigroup.com/projects/2019-01080

The principal changes proposed to both parts of the standard are:

  • Amendment to 6.0 Test specimen regarding criteria of the test specimen
  • A new paragraph added to 6.2 Dimensions of the test specimen
  • Expansion of 9.0 Post-test examination
  • Expansion of 10.0 Test report

In December 2018 the government introduced an amendment to the English Building Regulations effectively prohibiting the use of combustible cladding on residential buildings over 18 metres high. However, BSI has proceeded with the revision of BS 8414-1 and BS 8414-2 as these important voluntary standards may still be utilized for other situations to show compliance with the Building Regulations. In addition, a number of countries around the world use them to test the fire performance of external cladding systems.


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