BSI, the business standards organization, has published an update to PAS 2030, the standard which supports the Green Deal policy, encouraging the implementation of energy efficiency measures within existing households and businesses.

Working with industry experts, BSI has reviewed and amended the standard to coincide with the first Green Deals being signed, from today.

The updated PAS 2030 standard builds on the existing 26 permitted measures (which already cover heating, insulation and glazing) by adding a further 12 permissible energy efficiency measures either in the form of new annexes or through amendments to existing annexes.

The updated standard also gives appropriate consideration to commercial properties, encouraging installers working within those structures to put a spotlight on their business processes and provide confidence to building owners that any Green Deal work will be executed to a high standard.

Jonathan Griffin, Head of Market Development for the construction sector at BSI said: “One of the key factors for the success of the Green Deal initiative is consumer confidence. PAS 2030 provides a robust, uniformly applicable specification that will assist installers in complying with the requirements for participation in the Green Deal. This edition has been updated with the latest energy efficiency measures (EEM) included under the Scheme. This means customers can be sure that all installations are undertaken to the same and most up-to-date standards.”

Tom Lock, certification manager at Energy Saving Trust, says, “Now is the time for businesses interested in the Green Deal to start looking at installer certification. The Energy Saving Trust was the technical author for the original standard and has been overseeing the update which now covers a greater amount of energy efficiency measures.

“The updated PAS standard comprehensively supports current Green Deal policy providing businesses with confidence to get involved in the Scheme. The standard also reassures households that any home improvements being carried out through the Green Deal will be done to a high standard by certified installers that meet the robust requirements of PAS 2030.”

BSI is also launching a digital service via its online shop to improve accessibility to the standard and provide free updates to all users of the PAS for 12 months from purchase.

For further information or to download a copy of the standard visit: