In 2020, the Construction Industry Council (CIC) launched its Low Value Disputes, Model Adjudication Procedure (LVD MAP). It has been immensely successful. Hundreds of smaller construction contract disputes have been determined quickly and cost-effectively.

RICS is one of several adjudicator nominating bodies supporting the CIC LVD MAP. Since 2020, RICS has nominated 429 adjudicators in disputes where one or both parties asked that the procedure be used.

To complement the LVD MAP, RICS offers a summary form of adjudication for disputes under £20,000. This simple and cheap procedure has thus far been used to determine 128 disputes, mainly involving SMEs.

Since the launch of LVD MAP 2nd ed. in May 2023, RICS has seen a surge in applications. Averaging 8 applications per month from May 2022 to May 2023, these have now spiked at over 13 applications per month since the claim threshold was increased. From May to December 2023, RICS handled 110 LVD MAP applications, including 36 adjudications where the amounts in dispute were between £50,000 and £100,000.

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