Colmore Tang Construction (CTC) is looking to partner with start-up business Wearable Link and trial  its technology, as part of its construction industry-first accelerator programme ConstrucTech.

The innovative UK-based tech business beat off strong competition at CTC’s ConstrucTech pitch, pioneered alongside not-for-profit Virgin StartUp.

Wearable Link’s product deals with health and safety in the industry, monitoring the location, activity and status of users on site. It examines employee vitals, detects hazardous conditions in the construction environment and automatically notifies workers of unsafe working zones whilst providing clear evacuation instructions.

CTC will be sampling Wearable Link’s technology on one of its live construction sites with 500 operatives.

Andy Robinson, CEO of Colmore Tang Group, said he was excited to work with the firm and see how they could solve problems that are endemic within the construction sector.

“Working with this innovative start-up business is the next stage of the ConstrucTech process and we’re really looking forward to seeing how their technology can help to resolve health and safety issues that are addressed every day by construction companies all over the world,” he said.

“The purpose of ConstrucTech was to positively disrupt the sector and pave the way for a technology-driven future in construction. We will be working very closely our chosen finalist to test, re-test and refine the product to make it the very best it can be.”

ConstrucTech attracted 210 applicants – some of which were from as far as Australia and the USA – and included concepts involving Artificial Intelligence, 3D print robotic solutions and cloud-based software.

The competition was born out of frustration within the sector, which is slow to embrace innovation and adopt new technology. More than one-third of construction projects in the UK overrun on time (40%) or budget (35%).

CTC has identified a number of key areas within its business – and the industry as a whole – which it believes could benefit from the contribution of enterprising startups and their technologies; productivity, materials and skills.

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