FIS member construction materials supplier Euroform confirms that its ‘Easyboard®’ exterior grade fibre cement board now has BDA Agrément certification.

Easyboard®, which makes an ideal exterior sheathing board for steel frame system (SFS) walling, is one of the first boards of its kind to combine the benefits of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) into a light weight ‘score & snap’ building board, making it quick and easy to install.

The BDA Agrément certification confirms Easyboard® performance as a building board for non-structural use in indoor and outdoor non-loadbearing applications, such as for use in the planking and lining of walls, for sheathing timber frame or steel frame supporting walls, and for ceilings and roof truss structures.

“Easyboard® is a highly durable OPC based board that has the same workability as a gypsum-based board,” says Euroform’s technical director John Taylor.

Whereas traditional cement-based boards require cutting with power tools, creating dust and taking time, Easyboard® is manufactured with a process that combines the cement with a reinforcing matrix that enhances its workability, so that it can be scored and snapped with a traditional utility knife.  The edges do not require sealing as would be the case with an external plasterboard installation.

Currently being installed as part of a SFS wall at a large commercial/residential project at The Castings, Manchester, subcontractor AM Structure’s dry liner reports, “I couldn’t believe how easy the board was to score and snap, especially for an OPC board.  It is such a time saver and better for dust.  We should like to use the board on future SFS sheathing installations.”

Easyboard®’s BDA Agrément certificate confirms the product’s fire performance as being A1 non-combustible in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.  Euroform points out that, in all cases Euroform should be consulted to discuss specifier/project requirements to advise on the suitability of Easyboard® in respect of fire resistance.

Other product characteristics independently assessed through the BDA Agrément process include moisture control, strength and durability.  Details of water impermeability, water absorption, load resistance, impact resistance and thermal performance are all available.

Easyboard®  is quicker to install than traditional cement based boards due to its lower density of 900kg/m3 (minimum).

A video demonstrating the ease with which Easyboard® can be cut via the ‘score & snap’ method can be seen at:

Euroform has been developing, fabricating and supplying materials for the construction industry since 1995.  Euroform specialises in ensuring fire and thermal compliance across its product range.  Each product is supported by an experienced and knowledgeable technical team to provide advice and guidance.  Based at Warrington, Euroform is part of Performance Technology Group an SIG Trading Ltd group of companies specialising in supporting the construction industry to meet acoustic, fire, thermal and vibration challenges.