Knauf has undergone a worldwide rebrand to embrace what Knauf as a global company stands for. The brand values are trustworthy, hands-on and high performing, these are summarised in the brand promise: Knauf is with you all the way. No matter where you do business with us, you can count on us to deliver and grow with you.

Across all Knauf divisions you’ll start to see the same brand identity, and the message is clear – whether you’re looking at Gypsum, Insulation or Ceiling Solutions, you can always #BuildOnUs.

What’s happening?
As part of Knauf’s new brand identity, you’ll start to see some changes across the look and feel of Knauf.
There will be a modernised logo, updated colour palette, and new communication layouts have been designed specifically for the digital age and to make Knauf’s presence even more recognisable.

When will I see the changes?
The transformation began in March, and over the next few months you will start seeing the new branding being implemented across all Knauf sites, documentation, communications, advertising and website. This is a gradual process, with an anticipated completion of early 2026.

How does this affect me and my business?
If you’re a Knauf customer that features the company logo within your own business, you can download the new logo by visiting:

If you require any further support with updating your assets, please contact