Around 34,000 sq m of Fermacell has been installed throughout the internal walling of The Morgan Stanley Clinical building (Phase 2A), which will form one half of the £300 million Mittal Children’s Medical Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Opening next month, it comprises four floors of wards for children with acute conditions and chronic illnesses.

Richard Pateman from main contractors BAM Construction said: “Great Ormond Street is a very prestigious project with the scheme designed to be one of the ‘greenest’ hospital buildings in Europe. The sustainable qualities of Fermacell was a major factor in the product being specified.

“All of the internal walls are made from Fermacell which has been installed horizontally and an excellent surface finish has been achieved with the boards.

“The fixing qualities of Fermacell allow you to fix upwards of 50kg using a toggle fixing – once screwed to the board it’s pretty well fixed and this allows more flexibility both during construction and after. The restaurant ‘Rainbow’ feature ceiling on level 2 has been made from Fermacell because of its fixing qualities allowing us to fix LED lights strings directly into the boards.”

“Sustainability is at the forefront of this new scheme,” commented Jim Hunt, Managing Director of Kent Commercial Finishing, whose company has been responsible for installing the Fermacell boards. “Fermacell’s green credentials – being made from 94% recycled materials – meaning that it makes a significant contribution to the overall Excellent NEAT (NHS Environment Assessment Tool) rating of the building.”

“I have been a firm supporter of Fermacell which, when installed correctly, provides an excellent surface finish and no shrinkage or cracking.  It also offers high impact, acoustic, fire, moisture and strength properties.”

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